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Our Program

Flexibility combined with extended periods of play are important for children’s continuity of learning.   For this reason, all program offer children a structured daily routine which varies according to the length of each session, as well as the needs, interests and personalities of each particular group of children. Each session generally involves indoor learning discovery, collaboration at group times and communal mealtimes as well as active outdoor learning exploration.


Features of our program include:
  • Our educational programs are recognised as among the best in Australia. We have received an "exceeding" rating through the Federal government’s independent assessment and rating process.

  • Emphasis on inquiry based learning through active exploration

  • Development of foundation skills in numeracy and literacy

  • Children are actively encouraged to develop social skills, negotiation skills and positive self-esteem, thereby developing strategies and a positive view of themselves which will help them throughout life.

  • Incorporating individual family and cultural interests and expectations

  • Excursions ( 4 yr old preschool only ) and specialist visitors are also incorporated within the program

  • Parents are well informed through learning journal reflections, program outlines and individual parent-teacher discussions 


For the 3 year old program, the children attend preschool for 5 hours per week, divided into two separate 2.5 hour sessions, allowing  the children to develop social connections and a feeling of security through regular attendance. There is a comprehensive orientation to the 4 year old program.


As part of the 4 year old program, the children attend preschool for 15 hours per week, divided into three separate sessions. One 3.5 hr sessions, one 4.5 hr session and one 7.5 hr session. We find that the opportunity to attend over three days assists children to develop social connections through regular attendance, while allowing for family and work obligations. We also offer detailed school readiness and transition programs which include visits to local schools and written Transition Learning and Development Statements

Parental Involvement:

  • There are many opportunities for you to be involved with the preschool including:

  • Helping in our Parent Participation Program(a great way to see your child interacting with other children and chat to the Educators about your child’s progress).

  • Participation in special days, eg. Mother’s and Father’s days, Christmas party.

  • Social events – these can be whole preschool events or individual group get-togethers.

  • As a Committee member – the preschool is managed by a Committee of Management made up of parents who meet once a month to discuss day to day issues facing the preschool. The only pre-requisites required are enthusiasm and an interest in your child’s preschool education.

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