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Busy times at kinder



Through out the year the preschool runs various incursions and excursions for the children.  Below is a comprehensive list of potential experiences which have been done previously.  Each year the events are evaluated and changed depending on the program for the year.

3 year old Lizard Events

Dove Puppet Show

Animals on the Move

Drama Toolbox

Jack and Molly Music

Pyjama Day

Dress up Day

3 year old & 4 year old Events

Chicken hatching

Family Fun Day

Take Away night

Family Dinner out

Morning teas/dinners for parents 

4 year old Events

Chinese Cultural Incursion

Aboriginal Cultural Incursion

Kew Traffic School

Responsible Pet Program


Monash Children's Librarian

Waverley Gymnastics


Melbourne Aquarium

Wild Action Incursion

Dental Hygienist

School familiarisation Program

Mothers' Night

Fathers' Night

Royal Botanical Gardens

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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